Additional Local Animal Information

Local Shelters 
Friends Forever Humane Society 
Freeport, 815-232-6164

helpsavepetsSafe Haven Humane Society 
Elizabeth, 815-858-2265

Local Vet Clinics

Freeport Animal Hospital (815) 232-4916 
Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital (TLC) (815)-235-1401 
Paws & Claws Animal Clinic (815)-235-7700 

Lena Vet Clinic (815)-369-2400 

Orangeville Animal Health (815)-789-4558 

Forreston Vet Clinic (815)-938-3538 

German Valley- 
New Hope Vet Clinic (815)-362-3151 

Rock City- 
New Hope Vet Clinic (815)-865-5911 

Illinois Department of National Resources -
Professional Wildlife Removal Specialist:

Stephenson Buss Randal Wildlife Control Services (815) 990-0555  

Stephenson Dunkel Edward Midwest Animal & Pest Control Inc. (563) 581-0038  

Stephenson Fluechtling LaVerne (815) 656-2501 Stephenson Martz Jeff (815) 541-0727  

Stephenson Moorman Jeffrey Wildlife Removal Specialists (815) 988-4638  

Stephenson Sanchez Matthew Northern Illinois Wildlife Removal & Repair (815) 847-0992  

Stephenson Walker Tim Critters Gone Urban, LLC (779) 774-9577 


Stephenson County Sheriff's Office
Non-Emergency Outside the City of Freeport
Phone: (815) 235-8252

Non-Emergency Inside the City of Freeport
Phone: (815) 235-8222


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