Animal Control

Our mission is to ensure the vaccination and registration of all dogs and to control the spread of rabies.

Stephenson County Animal Control works in conjunction with the police and sheriff's departments, veterinarians, Freeport Animal Control and Friends Forever Humane Society.
Our responsibility is to make sure that people comply with the county and state ordinances governing dogs.

Registration Fees

Intact (Unspayed) / Altered (Neutered) Dogs:

Intact Dogs Altered Dogs
  1 year tag 3 year tag 1 year tag 3 year tag
If paid within 30 days $24.00 $70.00 $11.00 $30.00
Paid within 31-60 days $27.00 $73.00 $14.00 $33.00
Paid within 61-90 days $52.00 $98.00 $39.00 $58.00
Over 90 days Legal action can be taken with a summons to appear in court

Please make sure to get a Green 2019 rabies tag.

For the unpsayed/unneutered prices it's a State mandated law in which the extra $10.00 is sent to the State for a pet population fund. This fund is for the low-income families that qualify for food stamps to get their pet's spay/neuter at reduce prices. The County is only raising their price $3.00. If any questions, please call 815-235-8276 or Dr. William Condie (Administrator) at 815-232-4916. Thank you.

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