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Vaccination & Registration Info

Where can you purchase tags? 

Tags can be purchased by your local veterinarian or through Stephenson County Animal Control
295 W Lamm Rd
Freeport, IL 
Note: Cash, Check & Credit/Debit Card are all accepted for payment.World-Rabies_Day

Why is vaccinating against rabies so important?

Rabies is a preventable disease. You can protect your family and pets by vaccinating. Many animals, including dogs, cats, bats, raccoons, foxes, and skunks can carry rabies. Rabies is a neurological disease, and infected animals may foam at the mouth or act abnormally. Abnormal behavior may include aggression, paralysis, and seizures. 

Rabies Vaccination
All dogs over four months of age must be vaccinated against rabies, as required by Illinois State law.
If you do not have the dog, or have moved from the county please call the Animal Control Office so, we can update our records. 

Intact VS Altered
Intact Animals: Intact animals are those that have not undergone surgical procedures to alter their reproductive organs. In the case of intact males (commonly referred to as "unneutered" or "unfixed"), they still have their testicles. Likewise, intact females (often called "unspayed" or "unfixed") still have their ovaries and uterus.

Altered Animals: Altered animals, on the other hand, have undergone surgical procedures known as spaying or neutering to remove their reproductive organs. Neutering refers to the surgical removal of the testicles in males, while spaying involves removing the ovaries and often the uterus in females.

Understanding the difference between intact and altered animals is essential for responsible pet ownership and population management. While intact animals retain their reproductive capabilities and may exhibit certain behaviors influenced by hormones, altered animals are sterilized, leading to behavioral and health benefits while also contributing to pet population control efforts.

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